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Industry Focus


Our focus on the oil & gas and chemicals industries enables MTG to provide in-depth, industry-specific expertise. For three decades, MTG has worked side-by-side with our clients in the oil & gas and chemical industries to drive operational performance improvement.  With more than 500 successful projects across every aspect of the exploration & production, midstream, refining & marketing, petrochemicals and chemicals value-chains, we are the most experienced operational consulting firm serving our chosen industries.

Our consultants bring a depth of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the industries we serve. We have walked in your shoes, we speak your language and we understand your challenges. We are “thinkers and doers” who know what works.  Expert in implementing change, we take a hands-on approach to accelerate the translation of strategy into actions that drive results.  We combine our industry knowledge with proven tools to offer performance improvements tailored to your specific issues.

Exploration & Production

Onshore, offshore and deep water.  We help our clients dramatically improve business performance in all phases of the upstream asset life cycle.  From proof-of-concept to scale-up, through ongoing operations, MTG has helped our exploration and production clients improve exploration, drilling, completions and production operations results.


We work with our midstream clients to increase profitability and efficiency from gathering at the wellhead through field compression and processing, NGL fractionation, construction and transportation, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Refining & Marketing

MTG has extensive experience in refining commercial management and operational excellence.  Our comprehensive approach to delivering value enables clients to achieve performance levels not previously thought possible.  We help our clients design and execute strategic changes and implement the operational improvements required to achieve their business objectives.

Petrochemicals & Chemicals

We partner with our petrochemical and chemical clients - from new product introduction to customer delivery - to achieve their strategic goals through the implementation of improvements that drive financial and operational results. Working with our clients’ people, we are able to create sustainable value that often exceeds what the client believed possible prior to starting a project.

Cross Value Chain Capabilities

Our core capabilities cut across all segments of the oil & gas, petrochemicals and chemicals industry: