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Our Approach

MTG has 30 years of experience helping companies in the exploration & production, midstream, refining and chemicals sectors achieve step-change improvement. In our experience, sustainable performance improvement requires behavior change. To improve performance, an organization must first change the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of its people.

Our approach achieves lasting results through behavior change. We partner with our clients to understand our client’s performance improvement opportunities and we design projects tailored to produce measurable results.  We address the people, work processes and management system (ECSSM)  dimensions to drive improvements.   Our consultants provide training and coaching until the new behaviors and results are sustainable.  Our approach results in employee ownership and commitment to the results and promotes a continuous improvement culture to drive improvements long after our consultants are gone.



  • Full value chain integration
  • Simple & efficient design
  • High capability & fast cycle
  • Cost effective


  • Clear roles & responsibilities
  • Skills & capabilities
  • Tailored organization design

Management System

  • KPI scorecard
  • Link to strategy
  • Decision making & action
  • Root Cause Analysis

Behavior Change

  • Fact based dialogue & decisions
  • Top to bottom & functional alignment
  • Team based vs. individual


  • Behaviors consistent with values
  • Values consistent with strategy
  • Values understood across the organization


  • Strategically significant
  • Operational & financial
  • Owned by your people
  • Achieved by your people

Continuous Improvement Culture

  • Performance based culture
  • Always testing current state
  • Learning organization
  • Perpetuity not just

Results Driven
MTG projects pay for themselves and deliver an ROI that is competitive with any other initiative.  We commit to real and measurable performance improvements and we stay until the promised results have been achieved.  Our approach produces strong commitment to achieving the desired improvements, faster results, employee ownership of the benefits and a higher return on consulting investments.

Client-Centered Approach
MTG is a values-based organization with a singular focus on the success of our clients. We don’t implement “cookie cutter” projects or “off the shelf” solutions.  We partner with our clients to understand each organization’s unique performance issues and design projects that are tailored to produce real and measurable results. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to achieve step-change performance improvement.  Our projects serve as a starting point to create a culture of continuous improvement.