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About MTG


Founded in 1983, MTG is the most experienced operational consulting firm in the oil & gas, petrochemicals and chemical industries.  We have delivered more than 500 successful projects across every aspect of the exploration & production, midstream, refining & marketing, petrochemicals and chemicals value chain.  Over the years, we have worked side-by-side with our clients to build long-term relationships and achieve measurable results that “Move the Needle.”

We are a values-based organization with a singular focus on the success of our clients. We commit to real and measurable performance improvements upfront, and we stay until the promised results have been achieved. Our projects pay for themselves, deliver an ROI that is competitive with any other initiative and serve as a starting point for creating a culture of continuous improvement. Because our clients recognize MTG projects as an investment, not a cost, repeat business is a key driver of our growth.

Our Purpose

We exist for our clients.

Our Mission

To help our oil & gas, petrochemicals and chemicals clients accelerate the delivery of financial and operational improvements. We do this by working at all levels to fundamentally change the way people think about and do their jobs.

Our Values

Client Success: Our client’s success is our first priority, and we constantly strive to over-deliver on the operational and financial results we have promised.

Respect: Through our behavior, we demonstrate respect for our clients, their people and our own people. Respect is best demonstrated in the way we keep the safety of our people and the client’s in the forefront at all times.

Teamwork: We believe teams can achieve more by working together than can be achieved by individuals working on their own.

Humility: We are proud, but not arrogant; we give credit to those who deserve it. We believe results are more important than titles, and we take satisfaction from acting as a catalyst for change.

Confidence: Confidence is a state of mind in which the desire to advance enables the effective management of risk and the attainment of stretch goals.

Integrity: We consistently exhibit professional, ethical behavior and take personal responsibility for meeting our commitments to our clients and each other.

Innovation: We creatively combine ideas, concepts and skills to invent new ways to transform our clients’ businesses while keeping the safety of our clients and our employees at the forefront of our minds.